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How Beauty School Can Help You Launch Your Own Business

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Did you know that enrolling in a trade school can give you the skills you need to run your own business in the future? Whether you want to open a nail salon, become a hairstylist, or even be a makeup artist, you can begin your journey at beauty schools like Capelli Academy of Cosmetology II & III. Here’s how to decide which cosmetology trade is right for you, network as you begin your career, and eventually get your own business off the ground!

Choosing Your Beauty School

First, it’s important to consider which trade you want to practice. Think about your talents and interests to make a decision! Next, you can begin your search for a reputable program like Capelli Academy of Cosmetology II & III. Salon Centric recommends looking for an accredited program with a high percentage of students passing the state licensing exam every year. In addition to the price and course offerings, you should also consider what kind of work opportunities you’ll be able to participate in.

Gain Real-World Experience

Paying close attention in your courses and studying for your state licensing exam is crucial, but the most important part of your beauty school curriculum is gaining real-world experience. This is key if you’re going to own a business in the coming years!

As you begin to work with your very first clients as a student, you can slowly start to build your portfolio. When you’re a business owner, potential clients will want to see examples of your work before they schedule appointments, so it’s a smart idea to begin curating photos in a glossy collection as soon as you have the opportunity.

Start Networking

Connecting with the professional network you built up in beauty school is the best way to get your foot in the door as a salon assistant after graduation. Salon Iris recommends being social and bubbly with the customers and the other stylists and going above and beyond when it comes to helping your coworkers. As you master new techniques, you’ll be given more responsibility!

If you work hard at your first salon job, you can move up in the ranks. Once you’ve been promoted, you’ll have the chance to work with your very own clients in a professional setting. Don’t hesitate to share your work on social media with your clients’ permission. You can also ask your clients to leave a review of the salon online and mention your name! Aim to make a personal connection with everybody you work with.

Business Formation

Once you’ve built up a large, loyal client base, you can begin working independently. You can also start an entrepreneurial venture centered around practically any trade you learned in beauty school, which is why cosmetology is a fantastic vocation for aspiring business owners. Perhaps you want to create a private salon space in your own home or travel to your clients’ homes to offer your services. One day, you may even want to expand by renting a retail location and hiring employees!

Once you’re self-employed, you’ll want to think about registering your business as an LLC. This will grant you limited liability, numerous tax benefits, and greater flexibility. Filling out the paperwork won’t be too stressful, either! You can save money throughout this process by filing on your own or working with a formation service rather than hiring a lawyer. Don’t forget to research the specific laws in your state, as the regulations can differ depending on where you live.

Graduating from beauty school opens up countless exciting career possibilities. And if you would love to be your own boss one day, the cosmetology industry could be a great fit for you! When you learn a trade, you’re setting yourself up for a stable and fulfilling professional future.

Interested in working in the cosmetology field one day? Capelli Academy of Cosmetology II & III offers a wide range of courses to beauty students! Call us today at 773-254-1155 to learn more


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